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The German Centre Beijing in Chaoyang District

The German Centre Beijing is located in Chaoyang District in the DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building and the Beijing Landmark Towers. A 500 m walking distance, which roughly takes ten minutes, connects both buildings.

Both buildings are equipped with international telephone and fax lines, air-condition and heating, office and cargo elevators, water sprinklers and emergency electricity all according to international standards. Pantries and toilets are available for all tenants on each floor.

NEW: The German Centre Beijing in the DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building

From 2016, we will be able to offer five floors with a total area of 11.500 sqm of office spaces for roughly 60 companies. Offices are available in different layouts and sizes at the DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building. We will set up a conference area for a wide range of meetings and events. 

The building - completed in 2014 - is highly visible from the 3rd ring road and is located near the German Embassy School and the Kempinski Hotel on Liangmaqiao Road. An international apartment complex north of the building offers a variety of restaurants, international supermarkets and a well-equipped gym.

DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building

The German Centre Beijing in the Beijing Landmark Towers

Since 1999 the German Centre is located in the Beijing Landmark Towers in the Landmark compound. The Landmark Hotel and the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel also belong to this compound.

The Beijing Landmark Towers are well-known by the Chinese and German community.This would therefore be the perfect location for your new office. At the moment, roughly 100 German and international companies of all industries are tenants of the German Centre Beijing.

At the staff canteen in the Landmark compound, tenants of the German Centre can dine as well and the canteen offers reasonably priced meals for your staff.

Beijing Landmark Towers

Restaurants and retail facilities in the area

The hotels and shopping malls nearby offer a vast variety of restaurants, banks, travel agencies, hospitals and shopping facilities. If you have an important meeting we would be more than delighted to recommend a restaurant.

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In-house security

The property management of the Landmark Towers - our close cooperation partner - is responsible for the security of the buildings.

Well-trained security personnel. video surveillance as well as fully automated fire-alarm and extinguishing system in the whole building are provided for your protection.

Emergency back-up generators ensure energy supply in case of blackouts.

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