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03.03.2017: SAVE THE DATE: German Centre Beijing Ski Weekend 2017

Organizer: German Centre for Industry and Trade Beijing
Time: Friday,  March 3 – Sunday, March 05, 2017
Place: Wanlong Ski Resort, Hebei Province
Contact:  Mr. Kakha Gogiashvili | | Tel. +86 10 6590 6919/20/21

Dear German Centre Tenants and Friends,

German Centre Beijing is happy to invite you to our annual trip to the slopes of Wanlong ski resort. Join us at one of the best ski resorts around Beijing and show your best slalom on the pists, covering all levels from beginners to advanced - something for everyone.

Detailed information about the event will be announced soon by the German Centre Beijing. If you are interested or have any questions, just write a message to

We are looking forward to seeing you all around for this trip!

19.01.2017: German Centre Beijing Jiaozi Event

Organiser: German Centre for Industry and Trade Beijing
Time: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 18:30h
Place: German Centre for Industry and Trade Beijing Co. Ltd. (Unit 1101A, DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Ofiice Building, 11th floor, Tower D1, 19 Dongfang East Road, Chaoyang District) 北京德意志工商中心有限公司, 朝阳区东方东路19号DRC亮马桥外交办公大楼D1座1101室
Registration: Friday, January 13, 2017
Fee: free for German Centre Beijing Tenants
Language: English / Deutsch/ 中文
Contact: Mr. Kakha Gogiashvili,, Tel. +86 10 6590 6919/20/21

Following the old Chinese tradition, we set up all necessary ingredients for Jiaozi in our German Centre Beijing DRC Office. For those interested in cooking, our Managing Director will show you how to make different kinds of stuffed dumplings. Just join us and have fun improving your skills in Chinese cooking and enjoying the meal afterwards!

01.12.2016: Charity Christmas Party

This year shortly before Christmas German Centre Beijing and German Chamber of Commerce once again invited its beloved tenants and members to the annual Charity Christmas Party. The guests could enjoy with their friends and colleagues the real Christmas atmosphere created by such traditional German customs as Lebkuchen, mulled wine, Stollen and many more. The guests could also enjoy watching the classic movie masterpiece ,,Die Feuerzangenbowle” of Heinz Rühmann. All this has been done for a great purpose – for helping   migrant workers’ children at the Hong Qi primary school. We want to cordially thank all our guests for their  generous donations. German Centre Beijing is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Charity Christmas Party 2017!

28.11.2016: Company Visit in the Wuqing Development Zone

Asia-Pacific Management Consulting (APMC) invited tenants and friends of German Centre Beijing to an exciting company tour in the Wuqing Development Zone. The guests had an opportunity to meet with officials from the Development Zone, see the efficient infrastructure available to members of the zone, and learn about the effective manufacturing processes in Wuqing on the factory tour.
During this tour were visited manufacturing facilities of international companies who were already successfully operating within the development zone.

19.11.2016: German Centre Beijing Simatai Great Wall Hike

On Saturday, November 19, the German Centre Beijing Team and its tenants and friends have gone to an exciting autumn hiking trip to the Simatai Great Wall. Everyone has enjoyed one of the last warm and sunny days that we were lucky to catch between excessive smog and a sudden temperature drop that followed next days.  Great Wall hikes of the German Centre Beijing take place regularly one-two times per year in order to bring our tenants and friends to the amazing historical sights. Our team wishes to thank all participants and we look forward to the next joint trip in spring next year. 

30.11.2016: Seminar: Trade Secrets – How to protect your success in China?

During this event Mr. Reinout van Malenstein and Mr. David Schulte were discussing the ways of protecting the assets of a company that give it an edge over their competitors. This presentation guided the guests through the do’s and don’ts with regard to know-how protection in China, and practically mentioned  the ways know-how can be protected and enforced under Chinese law.

24.11.2016: Seminar: Efficient Finance Management solutions in China

Financial management plays such a vital role for business survival and growth. It’s like a telescope into the future, guiding you to walk around pitfalls and find the shortcuts on the way to your goal.
Due to the differences in accounting system and reporting standards in China, foreign SMEs running their business may encounter a lot of challenges while dealing with such financial management tasks as accounting, payroll, bookkeeping and invoicing. With this seminar, the participants gained the key points of knowledge and experience sharing on effective financial management. We want to thank everybody who participated in this very interesting and informative event and our special thanks go to our speaker Mr. Ken Lee (a partner from Lee & Lee Associates).

11.11.2016: When Tomorrow Comes - The 4th festival of German cinema in China kicks off

This year once again German Films and the Goethe-Institut with their many partners showed in Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen some of last year’s outstanding German films. The programme featured not only standout festival hits, but also a number of films about migration or about the trials and tribulations of coming of age. Last year’s German films showed that cinema is a vital space of reflection on identity crises that can leave us baffled and confused. Prominent actors and filmmakers from Germany came to China to present their movies to the Chinese audience under the motto of ‘when tomorrow comes’.

26.10.2016: Lohnsteuer, Geldanlage und Altersvorsorge für Deutsche in China

During a long term operation in China in heads of German citizens often arise questions regarding terms of employment, proper contract forms and questions regarding insurance. Due to the compulsory insurance for foreigners, which was introduced in 2012, these questions became more complex. The two speakers Manuela Reintgen and Klaus-Peter von der Eltz showed the various configuration options of employment contracts and their impact on the social insurance. All in all, the presentation was very informative and individual questions were discussed in detail. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. von der Eltz and Ms. Manuela Reintgen and want to invite you to our next insurance seminar for German expats.

15-18.09.2016: Mid-Autumn Festival Get-Away to Gansu and Qinghai (4 day trip) FULLY BOOKED!

At this year’s German Centre Spring Mid-Autumn Festival Get-Away we packed our bags and made our way to Gansu and Qinghai provinces. Our tenants and friends joined us in the footsteps of Buddhism where many monasteries dot the route to the Tibetan plateau. Along the way, we all enjoyed the serene beauty of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. We explored a vast beautyof these remote regions and discovered a wealth of fascinating religious and cultural heritage!

23.09.2016: Seminar: Tax Update - It's time to act

Starting with the VAT reform in May 2016 and the actions to integrate the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Chinese authorities took more and more steps modernizing taxation. New policies resulted in a number of critical changes for instance in reporting that affected all businesses. This seminar provided our guests with knowledge and insights on past, current and coming changes on tax. On the seminar's Q&A session were discussed such the ways to avoid negative auditor comments with preventive Accounting Health Checks, explained what are risks for different types of overseas non-trade payments, discussed ways of optimization of an individual income tax and many more. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr  Hudson He for a very informative seminar.

03.09.2016: German Centre Tenants' Meeting 2016 - Summer Breeze

On September 3d 2016, German Centre Beijing welcomed its beloved tenants, their families and friends to the anual Tenants’ Meeting. The event’s theme “Summer Breeze” that filled the event with enjoyable tropic atmosphere let more than 400 guests enjoy a great afternoon together in the Landgraf Restaurant in Tongzhou: with a delicious buffet, German beer and entertaining games on stage, the German Centre tenants enjoyed an unforgettable evening full of delight. 
The highlight at the end of the event will be the popular lucky draw for our tenants, with amazing prices.
We would like to thank all of you for making another Tenants’ Meeting such a great memory and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

25.08.2016: Workshop - An Introduction to Personal Branding

Everyone has a personal brand whether they know it or not. It has a lot to do with your reputation, rapport, trust and impression you leave with others around you, those you connect with on social media and the people in your market. In this way, your ‘Personal Brand’ is nothing new.
On the workshop our guests learned the importance of defining, developing and marketing of one’s brand in order to not get lost in the crowd. Participants got a profound insight on personal branding, that allows individuals to share who they are and show why they are different from others in their field. 
We would like to thank the speaker Mr. Stephen Rice, Training Director for Antal International, for conducting a great workshop and looking forward to see our tenants and friends on our future events. 

16.08.2016: Automotive Roundtable - Future Mobility in China

August Automotive Roundtable featured experts not only from the car manufacturers but also related service providers and research institutions to share their views How future mobility in China could look like.
The speakers gave a presentation on Future Mobility, discussed the Market trends with the changing market & customer needs. Were also discussed challenges for car sharing in China, safety issues related to Car Sharing or leasing solutions, business model for car leasing, NEV development and more.

20.07.2016: Seminar: Get to know your Chinese business partners

This seminar "Get to know your Chinese business partners" highlighted business partner issues commonly encountered in China. It included an overview of reputational due diligence on China business partners (companies and individuals) as well as prevention of litigation in China and gave practical advices if litigation does occur. The speakers recounted common scenarios in each subject and afterwards led an in-depth Q&A discussion with participants. We want to thank our speakers Laura Otterpohl from Lohtsman Consulting and Rogier van Bijnen from R&P China Lawyers for such a great seminar. 

08.07.2016: German Centre Beijing Wine Tasting Evening - Spices from the West, a journey to the Austrian wine road

This July German Centre Beijing invited tenants and friends to join a special wine tasting evening. The guests had a chance to taste fine wines sponsored by IEA International Trading Qingdao Co. Delicacy including snacks and delicious desserts were served pairing the wine. Wine experts presented the different wines and took all participants on a journey through Austrian wine sensations.

07.07.2016: Urteile der Pekinger Arbeitsgerichte im Jahr 2015 – Eine Big Data Analyse

The law company Wuelfing Zeuner Rechel (WZR) analyzed all available court decisions (around 10.000) concerning the Chinese labor law in the Beijing city area in 2015.
The main focus of this analysis was on the legal termination of employment relationship by employer. Knowing the results of this analysis, managers of comanies that are based in Beijing can optimize their personnel policy.
During the seminar guests had a chance to learn how high is success rate during termination of employment relationship by the employer in Beijing, the main obstacles during this process and legal consequences of an unlawful employment termination. In the end guest got an insight on how the internal processes in a company should be shaped in order to make the termination of employment easier 

31.05.2016 Seminar: Vertragsgestaltung, Sozialversicherung und private Vorsorge für deutsche Expats

During a long term operation in China in heads of German citizens often arise questions regarding terms of employment, proper contract forms and questions regarding insurance. Due to the compulsory insurance for foreigners, which was introduced in 2012, these questions became more complex. The two speakers Manuela Reintgen and Klaus-Peter von der Eltz showed the various configuration options of employment contracts and their impact on the social insurance. All in all, the presentation was very informative and individual questions were discussed in detail. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. von der Eltz and Ms. Manuela Reintgen and want to invite you to our next insurance seminar for German expats. 

24.05.2016: Seminar: Practical advice for your trade fair preparation in China

This seminar provided practical advice on preparation phase, onsite phase and post-show phase for participating at trade fairs in China. Ms Heydolph spoke about how to find the right platform and where to obtain financial subsidies. Based on her experience, she described some common marketing “do’s and dont’s”. Introducing from AUMA (Association of German Trade Fairs), she furthermore highlighted a useful toolbox named “Messe-Nutzen-Check”. 


19.05.2016: Breakfast Seminar: “How to maximise your profits through IP protection in China”

Every company has intellectual property. Intellectual property is often the most important asset of a company. But recognizing what it is and how to maximize your profits through intellectual property protection in China is not something most companies are familiar with. This Breakfast Seminar taught our guests what is intellectual property, how to recognize intellectual property within your company, what are the particularities of the Chinese intellectual property system, how to manage intellectual property and how to maximize your profits through intellectual property in China. 
German Centre Beijing would like to thank Mr. Reinout van Malenstein for conducting a very informative seminar.

19.04.2016: Current Difficulties in HR Management in China and Best Practices

In this seminar Dr. Kuang-Hua LIN, the founder and president of Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH, presented case studies and best practice solutions concerning employee retention measures, as well as cohesive concepts for necessary adjustments in your company’s personnel capacity, with either minimum cost or minimum risk.
During the seminar Dr. Kuang-Hua LIN shared with the guests his profound knowledge and ideas regarding effective measures and best practice solutions for employee retention, personnel capacity adaptation, Revision of Employment Contract, Handbook and Code of Conduct and many more. 

09.04.2016: German Centre Beijing Hike – Huanghuacheng Great Wall

This spring tenants and friends of the German Centre Beijing set out to explore the amazing Huanghuacheng Great Wall. Surrounded by mountains, clear lakes, wild flowers more than six forts, passes and guard towers this part of the Great Wall warmly welcomed our guests. The German Centre team wishes to thank all participants and we look forward to the next joint trip in Autumn.

06.04.2016: Weltwirtschaft und Kapitalmarktausblick– Chancen und Risiken nach einem fulminanten Fehlstart der Aktienmärkte


Capital markets have been intensely fluctuating during last months with often occuring considerable losses. Development on the Chinese market place often reminds a hike on the Great Wall: you have just hardly managed to climb up, as it goes steeply down agin. Investors are insecure, media are full of negative headlines as, for instance, Refugee, Finance and State debt crises, significantly sunken raw material prices with decreasing growing rates of Chinese economy. But how in fact world economy and its growing rates look like? Are the falling energy prices precursors of the next economic recession or it will act in favor of corporate profits? Our speaker Andreas Grünewald, founder and board of Munich Asset Management FIVV AG, has given his professional opinion on this issue.

29+30.03.2016 German Centre Beijing Car2Share Roadshow 北京德国中心车分享项目路演活动

Click, take, drive and park are the few convenient steps for a new shared driving experience with even lower emissions. Car2share is not only car sharing but also a smart decision for German Centre Beijing tenants to get around Beijing. No more overcrowded Subways with a few simple clicks reserve a brand new MB Smart right in front of DRC Liangmaqiao. No need for cash, pay each rent conveniently with Wechat Wallet.
Choose from hourly rate, overnight or weekend packages, smart travel begins now with Car2share.
With this Service, especially designed for our tenants, we wanted to bring transport to the next level and move with you together into a new dimension of quickly getting around. 
We want to thank all the tenants and friends of German Centre Beijing for coming to the Roadshow and wish you to enjoy using Car2Share service.  

24.03.2016: Seminar: E-Commerce in China - Chances and Challenges for SMEs

The fast growth of E-commerce presents an attractive opportunity for European SMEs to access Chinese markets, allowing them to promote their goods to a vast market spread across a large geographic area, for relatively little cost.  As the growth of online selling in China continues to reach remarkable levels, it is essential to keep track of the latest trends, safeguard your brand against the risks of pirated and counterfeited products online and develop a pre-emptive strategy that is right for your business.
It is in this context that the China IPR SME Helpdesk, ECOVIS R&G Consulting, Advantage Austria and the German Centre Beijing invited tenants and friends to a seminar and networking event aimed at European SMEs that are developing their online business in China. 
The seminar helped our guests to understand the ways to enter the Chinese E-commerce market, understand ‘cybersquatting’ and how to protect your domain name, learn how to monitor e-commerce sites for counterfeits and how to get support from websites such as and to protect one’s products and brand.
Guests received a practical advice from China experts from ECOVIS R&G Consulting and had the opportunity to attend a one-on-one consultation session with the China IPR SME Helpdesk expert to discuss individual questions.

11.03.2016: Know How Breakfast Training MS Office

German Centre Beijing invited its tenants to the Breakfast seminar aimed to improve use of MS Office programs. Our guests under guidance of professional trainer Liu Sishi from “Know How! Software Technology” learned how to do fast data entry and filling in MS Excel, landscaping of MS Word document, got insights into PPT document design techniques and more.

24.02.2016: Seminar - From Hiring to Firing: Key Issues During the Life Cycle of an Employment Relationship

Managing employment relationships in China can be challenging. The relevant regulations are complex and changes are frequent – the more so as China’s economy is undergoing substantial changes. In order to ensure smooth operations and prevent potential losses and liabilities, it is essential for companies to understand the legal requirements and their practical implications during all phases of an employment relationship and be up-to-date with changes in legislation. 
At the seminar were addressed some of the key issues to consider during the different stages of an employment relationship - from hiring through managing to firing. The guests learned what are the different employment options and related requirements, what are required and optional contract terms and how to structure the salary, about social insurance and other employee benefits and also what are the key factors to terminate the employment relationship effectively.

26.01.2016: German Centre Beijing Jiaozi Event

Right before the Spring Festival German Centre Beijing invited its tenants and friends to a Jiaozi cooking master-class. The guests could enjoy making Jiaozi together with their colleges and friends learning all secrets of cooking from professional Jiaozi-makers specially invited for the event. We want to thank everyone for coming and we are looking forward to see everyone on our next Jiaozi event in 2017!

22.01.2016: A Special Evening - China in Those Days: Journey to China's Past

Participants of this special event were taken by Mr. Thomas Brandt, general manager of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on a wonderful journey into China’s past and the history of overseas Chinese.
Using his extensive collection of postcards from late 19th century to the early 20th century, Mr. Brand brought history back to life. He introduced the stories behind the postcards and gave vivid insights into how people used to live in those days.
He shared how historical conclusions can be drawn from a “simple old postcard” about the social, economic and political developments of those times. The collection of Mr. Brand’s postcard is summarized in his masterpiece book “China in Those Days”

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More information to our events. 

If you are interested then send us an email 
We are happy to assist you.

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